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Planning an operation at our clinic for foreigners

If you are in another city or country, you can plan and prepare for surgery in our center without visiting us. To schedule an operation, you need to follow the steps from the instructions below.

1. Have a consultation with one of our surgeons by photo or in person.

Send your photos for a preliminary consultation.

No makeup, no flash, no photoshop, no Snapchat filters. Front, side, bottom. Describe what is bothering you. You can send an email to antesmed1@gmail.com.

Or consult online via Skype or Whatsapp

You can consult online via Skype Antesmed or Whatsapp (Free) to discuss organizational and medical issues.

Sign up for a face-to-face consultation at a convenient day and time for you

Choose a day and time convenient for face-to-face consultation here. Write down all the questions on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget to ask the surgeon about everything.

2. Obtain approval from the surgeon for the operation.

The final volume of the operation and the consent of the surgeon to perform the operation for you ONLY after a face-to-face consultation the day before or on the day of the operation.

3. Make an appointment for a convenient date for the operation.

Dates must be selected in advance.

1. You can sign up online through a special form on the website.

2. Call by phone:

3. Call or chat to one of the messengers::

4. Pass all tests before surgery.

Analyzes are valid for 14 days, detailed information can be found on a special page.

To plan a plastic surgery, you need to undergo examinations and pass tests. You must be completely healthy! If you have chronic diseases, there should be a compensation stage (all indicators are normal) and a doctor’s conclusion that there are no contraindications for a planned operation.

5. The cost of our services.

The cost of our services can be found on the price page. Prices are in US dollars. The cost includes everything: surgery, anesthesia, all medications, dressings, support until recovery.

6. Prepare for the operation and come to us.

You can read about the preparation for the operation on this page.

On the day of the operation, departure from Minsk is impossible! You need to stay either in Minsk or stay for a day in our clinic.

Specify when you can go home after your operation.

7. Additional information about our surgeons and clinic.

Reviews about us on popular sites: Google, Yandex.

Detailed information about our surgeons can be found on the doctor’s page, as well as in their social networks (links are indicated in the specialist’s card).

Дмитрий Батюков

Пластический хирург, кандидат медицинских наук.

Дмитрий Ладутько

Врач-хирург пластической и эстетической хирургии

Игорь Мишута

Врач - пластический хирург, онколог

Андрей Пекарь

Врач - пластический хирург

Владимир Хрыщанович

Врач хирург-флеболог